aFeel-good reasons

There are lots of pleasurable and exciting reasons to use the female condom (FC).  Here are some of them! 

You’re Ahead of the Game 
FCs can be inserted hours before having vaginal sex.  This means you don’t need to interrupt foreplay to put a condom on.

No Latex Means No Allergies
FCs are hypo-allergenic and a great option for people with latex allergies.

Once You Pop, You Won’t Have to Stop
FCs don’t require an erect penis, so your partner doesn’t have to pull out right after ejaculation.  Also, some men feel less constricted when using FCs.

Yes YOU Can
FCs are the only barrier method that is controlled by the receptive partner, allowing women and men to take control of their own health.   

Play with Passion
Your partner can insert the FC for you, or your partner can watch you insert it.  For vaginal use, your partner can rub the outer ring against the clitoris with his penis or fingers.  For anal use, your partner can insert the FC with a dildo, and then replace it with his penis.

Oh! Oh!
The two rings double the pleasure.  For vaginal sex, the outer ring stimulates the clitoris and the inner ring can be bumped with the tip of the penis.  For anal sex, the inner ring is a matter of taste.  Some people like to remove it, while others like to leave it in.  Find what feels good for you!

Feel the Heat
FCs adjust to body temperature, so both you and your partner can feel the heat!

Slip and Slide
Lube! Lube! Lube!  More lube can help increase pleasure and ensure that the penis freely moves in and out while reducing any noise.

The female condom is unlikely to come out during sex, but if it does, or if the outer ring goes inside of the vagina or anus, start over with a new FC and use more lube.

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